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Bacchanalia Experience


Godspeed You! Black Emperor reunite to headline Bacchanalia Experience.
Michael Jackson, Depeche Mode, NOFX round out diverse headliner lineup.

From March 14-16, the Rocky Mountains of Western North Carolina will provide the backdrop for the Bacchanalia Experience 2009, three days of art and music celebrating sensuality and the return of spring.

Dedicated to reclaiming the free, wild and independent spirit of music, Bacchanalia 2009 will remain free of corporate sponsorship -- and while other festivals cost upwards of $200, Bacchanalia 2009 will set back festival goers no more than $125, with three days of on-site camping included.

While sticking to a tight budget, Bacchanalia offers a dizzying array of punk and dance, metal and indie, rock and techno, a unique and diverse lineup guaranteed to send revelers into a state of hedonistic frenzy and put competing festivals to shame. With full album sets from multiple artists and a musical collaboration guaranteed to blow your mind, Bacchanalia 2009 will revive dead gods and embrace concert goers in a sonic orgy of ecstasy and joy.

"Eat, drink and be merry - for tomorrow we may die."

Dates: March 14-16, 2009
Location: Western NC Mountains
Cost: ~$125

Michael Jackson
Depeche Mode
Belle & Sebastian
New Order

MOGWAI (2009 Exclusive!)
Stereolab (performing Emperor Tomato Ketchup)
The Postal Service
Butthole Surfers
Le Tigre

Crystal Method
Phuture 303